Lighter Weight 120GSM papers

Lighter Weight 120GSM papers

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BLANK cotton paper developed especially for home inkjet printing or hand lettering and can be used for traditional digital or flat printing with a commercial printer. This lighter 120gsm weight is perfect for those wishing to save money by home printing.

These beautiful BLANK handmade papers are made of 100% Cotton Rag using cotton textile remnants. This is NOT mass produced stock, but instead each piece is hand made on an individual screen. The color of the paper is a natural, unbleached white but may occasionally have tiny speckles of random color from other fibers mixed in the hand making process. All sizes are made from different batches of pulp, so there will be some natural variation in color among the pieces. All papers in my listings, including this one are BLANK.

As a calligrapher who works with a lot of papers, this is premium paper with a wonderful feel and tooth to it. All papers have been internally sized to prevent feathering and bleeding.  This lighter weight is appropriate for home inkjet printing and for almost any use including pen and ink, drawing, colored or graphite pencils or light washes of watercolors. This lightweight paper will print on the top feed area of my personal inkjet printer using the regular or photo setting. However, I cannot guarantee that your printer can handle them and suggest you purchase a single pack of papers to be used for testing.

The cotton edges are beautiful with a natural deckle NOT hand torn.