Frequently Asked Questions

How to contact Fabulous Fancy Pants?

Please email us at:   We usually respond within 24 hours.

Will this paper print on my home printer?

The 150gsm and the 250gsm weight can go through my inkjet printer. The 150gsm will go through without any modifications, the 250gsm will print using the hand fed tray using the envelope setting for thickness. I have an Epson Workforce and an Epson Artisan inkjet printer.

However, I can not guarantee that any of my papers are compatible with a home or commercial printer due to printer variances. I would encourage you to check your home printer specifications or order a blemished or a sample pack as a trial.

Which pointed pen nib works best with this paper?

I like using all of my nibs, but only a very well used/dull one. Also, I slow down my lettering while at the same time pushing the paper away from my chest a little more than I usually have it. This decreases the angle of my wrist and allows the nib to skim the paper rather than scrape across it. I generally use a Hiro 41, Brause ef66, or Brause Blue Pumpkin nib which are somewhat flexible and easier to control for me personally. I have found that the stiffer nibs, like the G nibs are more prone to catch and snag the fibers of the paper, but I also use a heavier hand with them anyway.

Can I order a custom size in this paper?

Unfortunately, I am no longer able to manage custom orders. Therefore, I am only selling the blank paper in my listings. That said, I have had customers purchase a larger size and score then tear the paper to size. I would recommend your purchasing a blemished pack to practice with before you make a larger purchase.

What is the turnaround time once I place an order?

I only list what is ready to ship, so your order can be on its way with my next post office run but no later than two business days. You can determine the speed of shipment at checkout by choosing priority or expedited mail rates.

Do you give a discount on large quantities or offer wholesale accounts?

I do offer within the listing the ability to save between 15-20% if you buy a bulk pack of paper. One bulk pack equals the quantity of five single packs with a substantial savings.

Will you do the printing, calligraphy, or watercolor for my order?

Due to my schedule, I no longer offer any printing, staining, or watercolor wash services. Therefore, all of my listings are for the blank paper I already have in stock.

Why is shipping sometimes so high? Do you refund the overcharges?

Yes, I do refund shipping overcharges.

The way my shipping program calculates shipping costs is based first on the dimensions and weights that I enter for each listing. Only one weight and dimension is allowed per listing, so when I have a variety of choices in a listing, I insert the midrange in both the dimension and weight. When a customer selects multiple items either within a listing or among multiple listings, the program then calculates what it believes the box dimension is needed. This never accounts for the ability to pack these items in the most compact manner practical.  Hopefully, with program improvements the shipping will be closer to exact.  Many times, the shipping is actually undercharged rather than overcharged.  

Do you sell discontinued and blemished papers?

Yes we do! My inventory in these varies as I only list what I have in stock to sell and ship immediately.